Falcon Marine

Falcon Marine, was founded back in 2002, from Manos Korres and Manos Tsalavoutas. Both of them, known for their enthusiasm and love for the sea, a long experience and many “cruising” hours, despite their young age, had different opinions and demands from their boats.

One, wanted a practical deck layout, with light equipment and comfort ride on any sea conditions, while the other was asking for performance, combined with a comfortable deck, that would suit the needs of a family .

After many hours of creative “dispute” and plenty of drawings, the selection of hull type, and length, and the final deck configuration was achieved. The outcome was the manufacture of the first 700sr, based on the design of the racing 700rsr of Falcon.

Following multiple sea trials, and development stages, the boat reached their final design.

Both of the company owners, still loyal to their ideas and concepts around the sea and the cruising terms of a RIB, try to continuously evolve the boats produced from the company, based on the demand and the current needs of their customers-collaborators.

Client: Falcon Marine

Tags: Database Engineering, Front End Development, Low Budget Projects, Web Development

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