My name is John

I am a accomplished technician with 18+ years of experience across diverse industries, including banking, fintech, media and e-commerce. Adept at blending deep technical expertise with strategic leadership. I am known for elevating productivity through modern engineering principles, building high-performance teams, nurturing engineering culture, and effectively communicating value to stakeholders.

Qualifications and degrees

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

BEng/ MEng Applied Mathematics

heriot watt university, United Kingdom

heriot watt university, United Kingdom

MSc IT (Software Systems)

Harvard Business School Online, USA

Harvard Business School Online, USA

Certificate on Organisational Leadership

How about Some Fun Facts about me?

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  • John Kottis is a strategic leader and amazing person with great technical skills and people relationship skill. As a technologist, he aligns technology solutions with their business objectives and implements them.

    As a technology lead, he provides inputs and develops expertise in a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures; demonstrates and reinforces the value of our customers to ensure client retention; identifies and establishes strategic long-term technology goals, policies and procedures for clients based-on business objectives and budget requirements; and designing and overseeing the implementation of technology solutions.

    Rajat Mathur, Associate Director at Sapient
  • I highly recommend them for his amazing leadership qualities; he is more than his role title. I am excited to see him move up in his next role. In the future, I can easily see him as Head of Technology/digital, cyber, or CIO of a fintech or rising mid-tier organisation. These companies take aggressive market share from other businesses, with their senior roles possessing both leadership & the technical skills to execute low-cost, fast-paced and highly cross-functional teams.

    Watching him at work, I saw above and beyond performance in his complex role, which covered; “Technical Design”, “Solutions Architecture”, “Software Development”, “Cloud (Azure/Google/Aws)”, “Agile” & “Digital innovation” of £M0 digital products, projects and £M00 programs.

    His strong leadership creates high-performing Teams operating in Value streams, which consist of products, marketing, comms, Design, Innovation, Digital Branding, Development, measurement, DevOps and cyber Security.

    He has deep knowledge of the pre-listed modern disciplines required to execute those £m00 programs to achieve the highest ROI & highly satisfied customer NPS scores. He delivers changes abiding by the complex regulatory standards banking enterprises must commit to or risk high penalties.

    Jana Lace, Enterprise Agile Coach at Haleon
  • John is a highly experienced Lloyds Banking Group engineering lead who’s both a technology expert and amazing leader of people. John’s also an organiser of React London BYOP, a London-based Javascript meetup with over 1900 members.

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing John for a number of years and his vision for digitally transforming the banking industry has never faltered. John always considers others before making a decision and makes sure changes that are implemented are properly educated and mentored throughout the team.

    My relationship with John has never been stronger and he’s always a “go to” person whenever I need to rationalise ideas or gauge opinion and direction. This in itself is a great indication of John’s leadership experience, as strong and trusted relationships should always be valued.

    James McLeod, Award Winning, Director of Community at FINOS - Linux Foundation - London.JS Founder Organiser - Accidental Vlogger

My Services

So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do...

Front-End Development

Experienced web developer skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end frameworks, dedicated to crafting visually appealing and responsive web applications for exceptional user experiences.

Methodologies & Standards
  • HTML/CSS/JS expertise
  • Responsive design
  • Framework proficiency
  • User-focused approach
  • Performance optimization

Microservices Engineering

Skilled in microservices architecture, adept at designing and implementing modular and high-performance systems, enhancing agility and maintainability within complex infrastructures.

Strategy & Vision
  • Modular architecture
  • Scalability design
  • Resilient systems
  • Agility focus
  • Infrastructure innovation

Engineering Leadership

Engineering Transformation Lead with a strong track record of driving change, fostering collaboration, and mentoring teams to achieve their full potential, combining technical expertise with strategic vision.

Services & Skills
  • Transformation experience
  • Cross-functional synergy
  • Team mentoring
  • Strategic vision
  • Tech-business alignment


*The showcased projects in this section are presented solely for demonstration purposes, and I do not assert any rights over them.

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