PG Kamarinos


Kamarinos Consultant Engineers consists of talented and dynamic engineers and designers that ephasize in detail and follow the firm’s culture and values. Each project is treated with the same methodology independent of size or complexity. The engineering team is divided into two groups, each led by a Project Manager that directly reports to Lead Engineer and Managing Director Alexander P. Kamarinos.

The firm has created an international profile due to the frequent collaboration with international clients (Starwood Hotels, Atlanica Hotels, SSP Food Experts, BAT, Diageo, Microsoft, Broadcom e.a.) and the fact that most of our engineers have studied in top Greek and UK Universities

Collaboration with the most important Architectural Firms in Greece and a clientele of Greek and Foreign Banks, Hotel Chains and Operators, distinguished Companies and Individuals as well as the Greek Government defines the level of the firm’s experience and expertise.

Client: PG Kamarinos

Tags: Front End Development, Web Development

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