TownCentreParking was formed in 1995 in response to a growing need in the property industry for an analytical approach to parking. It is our aim to provide property companies and institutions with a clear understanding of how car parks function, both as revenue centres and as ancillary service providers. With this knowledge, we are able to assist clients in adding significant value to both existing and new-build car parks.

The cornerstone of our work is financial analysis. Comprehensive cost/revenue matrices are developed, which allow us to undertake detailed performance analysis and medium term forecasting. This information enables our clients to make informed decisions and to optimise value, be it through maximising revenue/rent or the rate of capitalisation, or through improved levels of service provision leading to increase footfall, dwell times and spend etc.

The breadth of our experience, combined with our background in property valuation and investment agency, give us a unique understanding of the workings and, most importantly, the potential of car parks.

Client: TownCentreParking

Tags: Database Engineering, Front End Development, Web Development

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